Love Writing Co. Writing Stage 1


Will help your child:

  • Write more often
  • Adopt a dynamic tripod grip
  • Develop hand muscle co-ordination
  • Establish pencil control
  • Apply less pressure when writing
  • Learn alphabet and letter formation
  • Build letter formation muscle memory
  • Understand and engage with phonics
  • Enjoy 58 pages of fun writing exercises
  • Celebrate their success with 36 reward stickers

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Writing Stage 1 is made up of a pack of five Love Writing Co. pencils and our Alphabet & Handwriting Practice Book 1. This is the perfect combination to give your child the confidence to begin writing in total comfort.

Love Writing Co. Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Book 1 is full engaging activities that will help your child learn alphabet and letter formation, build pencil control and establish a solid writing foundation. Designed to complement the National Curriculum, the book focuses on repetitive letter formation which plays an essential role in building muscle memory. The book will also gently introduce your child to phonics. The book is combined with our Love Writing Co. writing pencils that have been specifically designed for children aged 3-5 years. Finally, the premium linden wood used for our pencils and books is fully FSC certified so you know that it has been responsibly sourced.

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