Handwriting Practice Birthday Cards 2 – Personalised Birthday Cards


Will help your child:

  • Enjoy sending hand written Birthday Cards
  • Develop focused pencil control through writing and colouring
  • Learn letter and word formation
  • Extend phonics knowledge
  • Send a card people will love to receive

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Our Love Writing Co. Handwriting Practice Birthday Cards will encourage your child to enjoy sending hand written notes whilst practicing letter formation, hand writing and pencil control. They are also a very personal and fun card to receive!


Simply trace the letters and words on the card and colour in the picture on the inside to build pencil control and learn letter and word formation. They should then be personally signed by your child, which underpins the importance of the first key word any child should write, their name!  Finally, the premium cedar wood used for our pencils and books is fully FSC certified so you know that it has been responsibly sourced.

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