Cocomelon JJ Doll



  • The JJ Doll is a plush toy inspired by the famous nursery rhyme YouTube Channel, Cocomelon
  • JJ is a famous character from Cocomelon and kids love him!
  • This cute plush toy resembles JJ and other Cocomelon characters
  • It’s a soft plush toy that your kids can play and cuddle
  • A thoughtful gift to toddlers!


Our soft toy is made of high-quality vinyl + crystal super soft, filled with 3D hollow cotton material, it is very suitable for squeezing and hugging. Squeeze the tummy of the doll, it will play the popular nursery rhyme and help your kids fall fast asleep.4. It helps to develop and cultivate children’s natural skills, like a soft bedtime plush toy like their inseparable friend.. Strengthen the parent-child bond by playing alongside your child to create new experiences, it is a cute gift for your kids.  Fabric: Vinyl + Crystal Super Soft, Filling: 3D Hollow CottonColor: