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Choosing a Pencil to Make Sure Your Child’s Writing Journey Gets the Best Start

23rd June 2020 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Choosing the right pencil for your child can seem like a fairly minor decision. You might just go to the local shop or supermarket, pick up some pencils and a pencil case, and make sure that they have them in time for school. However, writing with the wrong kinds of pencil can actually be quite uncomfortable for children and slow them down when it comes to learning to write.

In order to give your children the best possible start as they embark on their writing journey, give them a pencil that will fit perfectly in their hand, move at their pace and that they’ll feel proud of. Here are some useful tips on how to make sure that your child always uses a pencil that is perfect for them.

Hexagonal pencils help

Ideally, your child’s pencil should be hexagonal in shape. This shape makes it as easy as possible for children to hold their pencil in the dynamic tripod position recommended by leading paediatric doctors. This position involves holding a pencil between your thumb and forefinger and supporting the short, precise movements of the pencil which you initiate with your middle fingers. A hexagonal pencil makes it much easier to control the pencil and hold it in this position.

Find pencils in their favourite colours

Colours help children to express themselves. If you can give your child pencils in their favourite colours they will feel as though the pencil is unique to them – rather than just being another shop-bought pencil that everyone uses to scribble things down. This sense of ownership is so important and will mean they take to writing with more interest and enjoyment.

Encourage them to write as much as possible

We all take time to adjust to new things. New shoes can take several days to break-in, but then after wearing them for some time, we are often left wondering how we lived without them. The same is true of pencils.

As with anything new, they can feel a bit different when you start writing with them, but after some time, your child will feel as though they have always been writing with that pencil. Sometimes how well a pencil fits in your child’s hand is not determined by that pencil’s design, but how your child thinks it feels in their hand. The more they write, the more comfortable the pencil will feel in their hand and, consequently, the better it will fit.

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Monitor the bars on the top of their pencils

When your child’s hand reaches the last bar on the top of their Love Writing Company pencil, that pencil is no longer the perfect size for them and should be replaced. By making sure that multiple pencils in the next size up are available just before their hand grows to this level, you can ensure that they always have the right pencil in the right size for them. And that means that they will continue to write with control and precision.

Following these tips will help you find that special pencil that fits seamlessly into your child’s hand and helps them to write their first sentences and many, many more afterwards



23rd June 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm