The Lovewriting Range: Igniting Children’s Love for Writing

Children are in love with the Lovewriting range and to be fair, their parents/teachers are too. It’s fair to say that the mission started out to accomplish is finally becoming a reality.

In 2018, a study reported that half of the children and young adults in the UK aged 8-18 didn’t enjoy writing. These may seem like some shocking statistics but unfortunately, this is the truth. Over the years, children’s writing abilities and habits have taken a hit and it’s crucial that proper measures be taken. This downfall occurred in the last decade and it’s time to make things better.

Children are likely to take up writing if it is engaging and easier for them. And that is exactly what and Lovewriting Co. aim to do. By making writing fun and eradicate the boring stigma that surrounds it, we want to make writing an exciting activity.

How Do We Do It?

To get children interested again, we use our age appropriate Writing Pencils and Erasable Colour Pencils and workbooks. You may wonder how these tools can help children enhance their writing skills. The Lovewriting Pencil range were specifically designed for  a child’s hand, they make the process of writing easier. We understand the struggle parents/ teachers have to go through while teaching their children how to write with the standard big triangular pencils with grips attached because of the child’s  small hand.  They have difficulties holding and writing with these because the pencil will not fit into web of the child’s hand, whereas our pencils are specially designed to fit their small hands. By making it a fun activity for all, we strive to educate and empower our children and help parents/ teachers along the way.

The Lovewriting Range

Our Lovewriting Range is available in two sizes, 3-5 years and 6-9 years. There are several features that make these pencils different from the ones that are readily available. So let’s take a look at the factors that set our Lovewriting Range apart from the rest.

·         Optimum Grip

The Lovewriting pencils have a hexagon shape that provides optimum grip. The tripod hold ensures a comfortable writing experience for the children so they can enjoy the process.

·         Wider Diameter

By making sure the pencils are easier to hold, we encourage children to look at writing not as a task, but as a fun activity. The Lovewriting Range offers a wider diameter for a firm and easy grip. The softer core of the pencils allows smooth movements across the page and eliminates the need for more pressure.

·         Teaches Pencil Control

We designed the length of the pencils to suit a child’s hand, which ensures proper control and balance during writing or colouring.

The best part about the Lovewriting is that it’s also suitable for children with SEN (Autism, Dyslexia, and Down syndrome). They are also designed to facilitate children who write with their left hand.

·         Fully Erasable

By making our colour pencils fully erasable, we’ve made sure that children can make the most of their activities, no matter how many mistakes they make. They can just erase any slip-up and move on with their exciting activities

·         FSDC Certified

We take pride in our responsible sourcing, and Lovewriting Co.’s FSDC certificate is a testament of our promise to make this a better world for children.


Our mission is to provide parents with the resources they need to help their children learn better and we’re proud of our accomplishments. For your child’s practice, you can also opt for Our Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Book that has engaging activities.


So, invest in the future of your children and buy our Lovewriting Range. You can use the CODE: q62j5zrqo to get a 20% discount!