Questions and answers that everyone are curious to find the answers , six books covering  everything you like to ask and find the answers too

  1. Our Planet
  2. Dinosaurs
  3. Our Oceans
  4. Weather
  5. Science
  6. Animals
  7. This set of eight brilliant books takes a sideways look at all that is wild, wonderful and downright weird about core subject areas: Animals, Dinosaurs, Body, Oceans, Planet Earth, Saving the Earth, Science, Solar System. Humorous illustrations and playful text put a fresh spin on the perennially popular Q & A format, and the inclusion of a poster that’s packed with wow facts and quirky illustrations makes the set even more special.

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Six  hard back books for curious  children who have a lot curious questions? these books are full of amazing answers! full of humorous illustrations and astounding facts.

A Curious Collection of Questions and Answers is the ultimate fact feast for children aged 5+ that love to devour weird and wonderful information!

  • 8 paperbacks in one awesome set, plus a ‘Did you Know? poster
  • Covers popular subjects including dinosaurs and saving the earth
  • Mind-boggling questions, answers and fun illustrations
  • Fun approach to learning with humorous Would you Rather? questions